Tobias Place is a development of an existing hostel building designed by Erik Asmussen in 1965, formerly part of the Tobias School of Art. The first phase is to create nine apartments & a further one apartment for the use of the residents to enable friends & family to come & visit. There is also a further space comprising of a kitchen & dining room area, & a large meeting room, which opens on to a veranda. It is envisaged that these spaces could be used for parties, meetings & other social gatherings.
The second phase is in the planning stage, & is likely to be a row of five, three-bedroomed terraced houses. The intention of the development is to create a small community around a central green, with as many mutually beneficial aspects as possible, including a central heating plant, which will take advantage of both biomass & solar technologies, ensuring low & stable heating costs long into the future. Also, allotments will be available to residents, composting & recycling facilities, & a shared laundry utility area. It is our intention that all these features will promote a sense of community.